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Are you struggling financially? Are you having a hard time realizing your dreams? Do you want to find additional ways for making income? Or even just needing someone to point you in the right direction? Then you are in the right place! Successful mentors and passive income ideas and programs are at your fingerprints!

What is Listen & Glisten?

A site full of resources for those who need more out of life and their finances! Replicate true teachings from verifiable millionaires, and apply them to yourself or business! Mentors and means to guide you in wealth generating, overall you can glisten in all aspects of your life here!

How to get started

  • Check out the ever-growing list of mentors on the Mentor Info: Life & Business Mentorship page to choose from, these individuals can give you priceless information and motivation to turn your life and unveil your true potential! Many even offer their mentor programs to help the underdog get started on their ventures.
  • As always head over to the Help And Wealth Programs page to see how you can start making residual income or be mentored by the already elite and successful!
  • Read and ponder the short but sweet articles that consist of a conglomeration of some of the most successful and wealthy individuals’ advice all wrapped up into simple steps and ideas you can start applying!

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