Important Mentor Disclaimer

Mentor or “Fake Guru”?

L&G includes this page to clear up any bad stigmatism revolving around mentors especially the individuals on L&G, the biggest key point to take away from looking at all the advice on this website as well as all the “experts” out there offering their advice is to look at their fruits, if it’s a good tree it will provide good fruit and their fruit is the advice or courses the mentor provides, meaning is it useful to you, or can it help you with your day to day or goals? Has their courses or advice helped anyone else? What is the mentor’s status? Are they struggling to get by, or are they prosperous? How did they gain their wealth or success? Was it through honest business practices? Or did they just get lucky? Were they operating in gray areas or performing questionable practices?

With the internet at our fingertips, there are tons of free resources these individuals provide, and so you can dip your toe in before taking the plunge on committing to anyone’s style of teaching, with all the experts out there it is prudent for you to listen to 1 or 2 mentors that you relate to, or who you want to be like, otherwise, you may find morsels of greats advice and practices from many teachers and mentors, as we know success leaves clues, in any case having these people help shape your life can help you in small or large ways depending on your OWN efforts, there are many who claim mentors, experts or gurus to just be “scam artists” and quickly disregard them if they only try living their advice for a short time, or not going all in, and when they don’t see their bank account grow, or life’s change they can be bitter.

As Dan Pena says; “show me your friends and I will show you your future.” many people do not have access to successful individuals they can reach out for success in their personal lives and it is important to have a positive influences to lift you up and guide you where you want to go, someone who challenges your current mindset and takes it to higher places. Ask any current successful person if they had a mentor or someone they looked up to and they will most likely say they do. for example; Warren Buffett had Benjamin Graham, Tai lopez had Joel Salatin, Bob Proctor with Earl Nightingale so on, and so forth.

Many people can sit by and point out the flaws of mentors and their teachings but unfortunately, most naysayers are not very happy with themselves or the life they have, while granted all mentors are just human beings and a riddled with folly and errors, you need to take the good from them and leave the bad now if they are mostly bad, then find a new resource and move onto another. If all else a mentors ability to just reimagine yourself and life in a more positive light is very constructive to you in the end and that’s worth its weight in gold, however never cling to false hope on someday, “someday I’ll be rich”, “someday I won’t have to work this job” “someday I’ll be happy”, “if follow these teachings from this mentor I’ll someday be a millionaire” you must go and do, and make adjustments necessary to achieve your desired outcome.

Remember mentors are there to assist you, to protect you from the mistakes they have made, and to give you insight on helpful tips, short cuts and guide you on growing. If used correctly a mentor can be a powerful ally in the world, they know the trail you’re on and they are at where you want to go, heed them with wisdom, and let them enlighten your mind. Let mentoring be a critical part of your career development, so you one day can be a mentor to someone else.

No success happens overnight unless you win the lottery, be very cautious of anyone who sells the classic “get rich quick schemes” true success takes time, years and decades even, but fortune shines on the diligent and persistent, all true success requires effort and dedication, some ventures require little to no money, and some require a lot, but all need studying, application and continuous learning and adapting so success doesn’t run stale. I hope that everyone reading this can find the success they are looking for and can find the help they need with a mentor guiding them!

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