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Self-Help Mentors & MLM’s, Aren’t They All Scams?

Having purchased multiple motivational and self-help programs, and invested in several MLM (multi-level) opportunities, we can readily say that the answer to this question is: YES and NO.

YES, there are promoters that are only focused on making money for themselves at your expense. This industry truly has a soiled reputation because of these selfish individuals. Yet, on the other hand, NO, because there are promoters that have actually succeeded in their endeavors and sincerely want to help. And, by following their guiding programs, many others have also succeeded. So how do you know which will help YOU in YOUR own efforts for success?

Well, that is why we have created Listen & Glisten! Through our research and reviews, we will help you sort through the muddled waters and find those golden nuggets with which you have a legitimate chance for your own happiness and personal wealth!

If you are new to personal motivation, self-help and MLM programs, let’s first explain what they are. If not, go ahead and jump over to our Reviews and get started.

Personal Motivation and Self-Help Mentors.

These are those who profess to have done it themselves, won the prize, earned the reward! They have paid the price in mistakes of bad investments, misdirected plans and wasted efforts, not to mention the discouragement and constant barrage of naysayers. They have done the research, worked the work and through patience and perseverance have reached and even exceeded their goals! You probably already know many of these names: Earl Shoaff, Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler, Mary Kay Ash, Tony Robbins, and Darren Hardy, to name a few. Now they want to help you do the same!

Why the bad rap? First, because some are deserving. They maliciously take advantage of others. Second, the users don’t properly apply the principles taught and/or don’t put in the effort. Success is not easy and still requires consistent work regardless of the guiding helps. And, third, there are unscrupulous reviewers that use inflated headlines and claims to draw you into their own domains for their own personal benefit. Please see our list of legitimate mentors who have strong records of successful users.

Multi-Level Marketing or MLM’s

MLM has been around for centuries. Any adventure that has multiple levels of revenue sharing is an MLM. For example: insurance sales and the agency system, and even retail with the manufacturer, wholesaler and store owner levels. But today, MLM has come to mean multiple levels, 4, 6, 10+, of revenue earners or groups of re-sellers. For example: I create a team of salespeople, each of them creates their own teams, each of their team members create teams and so forth. Each level takes a piece of the revenue earned by the levels below them. The higher up the ladder the more revenue you garner from those below you.

Why the bad rap? At some point down the ladder there is not enough profit to justify the effort. The successful MLM’s today usually limit the revenue levels to just a few, 3 or 4. If you develop a good team, with a reasonable sharing of profits, much money can be made for all! And, you can use the same team for an unlimited number of products and services! You don’t have to work with just the one MLM opportunity. Many strong, successful, and long-term businesses are built on the MLM structure.


Listen & Glisten

Discover the difference a mentor can make in your life!

Earl Shoaff, mentored many greats such as; Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler, and Mary Kay Ash to name a few who later mentored people, such as Tony Robbins, and Darren Hardy for example, knowledge is passed down on how to be truly successful, check out for mentors that provide helpful information and programs!