Mentoring Plans

How You Can become a Mentor

Objectives For a Mentor

Many people want to help those around them be better, to be a mentor you do not have to be wealthy, an owner of a major company, or giving motivational speeches around the globe. You just have to care and have knowledge on how to help people reach their potential, it is best when guiding them on where they want to go if you too have been there. Mentoring is more than just helping someone become financially successful but it can be from getting a person to break a bad habit, help them learn a skill they wish to acquire, or even just be there for them when they are down.

There are many great organized mentor programs out there, one that I would recommend for instance worth checking out is: they would pair you up with the younger generation needing some guidance with them and you can start helping in your community and making an impact! If you’ve ever held a leadership position they would love to hear from you!

Now if you just want to be a mentor for your friends and family or people you feel could benefit from your advice and guidance then you can start by checking off some helpful insight from a well thought out plan. Sit down and have you the mentor and your mentee write out the following.

Get Personal

This one may seem intrusive but it is important to really get to know the person you are trying to help, what are their strengths and weaknesses, what are their goals and ambitions? Get to know their “why” meaning what gets them motivated, what gets them fired up to be who they want to be?

Set Responsibilities

Once you figure out what you both want with this mentorship, meaning what you expect of each other, what kind of timeline should you be looking at, short-term and long-term? Each objective should be discussed and the mentor should play the devil’s advocate on presenting possible challenges and obstacles, and how the mentee can overcome them or avoid them.

Tools & Skills

What will the mentee need to acquire, or what or who will they need to help them be successful down their path, do they need to attend courses, meetings, training, read up on skills? What do they need to learn, or practice? What will help the mentee be more successful? what was something you wish you had when you were coming up?

Check Ups

Create a time that works for both as the mentor and for the mentee to see how the progress is going, and what difficulties they may be running into, whether this is in person or over the phone, let them know you are genuinely interested in them and their progress, that way it creates accountability for the mentee. this could be daily, weekly, monthly or whatever is necessary


An important side note is to create a “contract” or a document of your objectives, and goals you wish to help the mentee with, then both sign and make copies and then you both put it somewhere to look it over frequently.

These sorts of models can be used also to help leaders in their careers to help their colleagues, for instance, remember to best help someone you must have your own house in order as they say to be the most impactful, if this is a skill you have and wish to teach be sincere, let them know how you acquired it, be patient with people and help them put their best foot forward, if you feel like the mentee is not benefiting from your teachings, always leave them with resources or with someone else who can help them, never leave a mentee out to dry or to fend for themselves. Being a mentor is creating something more than just a friendship, you can change someone’s life for the better with your influence which can change generations to come.

If being a mentor for someone seems overwhelming check out the mentor info pages on other world class models of mentors to follow and see how the perform to gain inspiration!

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