Success Secrets Part 2

Helping Others

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Zigler

This one may seem broad, but in the business world, you MUST provide a service or an item that helps a person’s needs or situation, sounds obvious I know, but this is something that gets overlooked all the time, it will be harder for someone just starting out to enter a heavily dense marketplace on something like opening a coffee shop next to a Starbucks even if you can brew the best expresso, for example, it would be wiser to go somewhere where people have less access to a fresh cup of coffee, and help them out there in their community and then scale. Back to part 1 of bringing value we will need to incorporate that as well, you must bring valuable help, or a material good to the consumer or the person in need. That help may come in a form of information through a course or buying a new spatula to replace an old one, identify what people need help with from their day to day, there could even be a new niche market out there just waiting for someone like you to start from your experience on tackling a unique problem in your life, then in return, you can help people face their problems better equipped.

Help Online

If you are uncertain on what business you want to start in, or what business can be profitable you can always do something as simple as a Google search and see how many people are asking for help with finding an item, for instance, lets say you want to start an Ecommerce business selling inflatable pool toys, you may want to google what is trending in that niche, and what Google suggests when you type in pool toys, for example, does it want to auto-populate as “giant pool toys” or “Inflatable pool chairs”? If so that would mean more people need help finding those items, and you could specialize in those categories, you could even do review channel on Youtube highlighting some of the more popular pool toys.

Take back control of your life. Save where the masses can’t, make money where the masses don’t.

Help in Person

When it comes to services like having a face to face with your clients or meeting with your clients in-person to sell them goods or services, find out a struggle your local companies may have, or the surrounding neighborhoods may deal with. When I was younger I realized many people in my neighborhood would like to have their lawns aerated but didn’t have the time to do it or the equipment, so I went down to my local hardware store and rented an aerator and went door to door asking if they would like their lawn aerated from anywhere from $40 t0 $80 depending on the lawn size, most people thought since I was there and wasn’t pushy they wanted their lawn aerated if their neighbors were doing it too. If this was something I was serious about I could have had my own Landscaping business and handed out business cards after each aeration.

At the end of the day, if we can help others solve their issues we can gain monetary value and personal satisfaction knowing that we are helping people around us get what they want, whatever your situation may be, you are you, you have skills that can benefit those around you from cutting hair to something like offering courses on how to become a successful realtor. Find out how to help and deliver!

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