Success Secrets Part 3

Taking Action!

“You can’t have a detailed plan ahead of everything in life; just go do it!”

– Bernard Kelvin Clive

It’s no surprise that if you want something done, you have to DO something about it. One of the worlds greatest problems is procrastination, and hoping someone else will “do it for them” or they’ll get lucky when in reality we cannot sit idly by and let our dreams pass us by! Pieces will never just fall into place for you if you are not actively trying to achieve what you want out of life. A universal practice from all successful people throughout the ages mentions about how they went out of their comfort zone and reached for what they wanted with massive action, and stayed the course until they achieved their desired outcomes.

The sad truth is there are probably hundreds of millions of great ideas, plans, goals, and dreams that never get realized because they get pushed to the side whether it be due to work, life, fear, doubt, laziness, but at the end of the day most of them are excuses, I believe there are individuals that have already thought and planned out ways to cure world hunger, cure diseases, make the next big business or just help their overall situation in life. However we lose out on all that because there was no action taken or their dreams were not seen through…

If you don’t have all the pieces planned out with what you want out of your future, don’t let that hold you back and take one step at a time, things will fall into place if you constantly try, the sad truth is there is NO sustainable success in this world that has ever happened overnight, true success comes through hard/smart work, diligence, persistence and even by stepping on some toes. When you put in work each day to reach what you want, something has to give, the universe or God will see you trying and it will align for you and the things you want in life will get closer to you.

So what is it you want out of life? Is it health, wealth, relationships, overall happiness? Get the end goal in your mind, don’t overthink it or how you are going to get there, take chances, learn what you need to, meet who you need to, DO what you need to DO! Recommended reading on this subject would be the book by Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Eckhart covers the importance of living for today and not to get wrapped up in the past or stressed with the future. Remember what you want and go for it!

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