Success Secrets Part 1

Bringing Value

“You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.”

-Jim Rohn

In the business world of today with tons of competition one thing that must always be at the core of all businesses and business practices is value, we look for value in all our dealings, in other words, something that is deserving of our hard-earned money and or time, something that brings value into our life or situations. Increase your value and be more valuable, something people would attract more people to you, and would cause people to pay more for you or your services because of what you have to offer.

People want to receive value out of life, so we must provide value in the marketplace and our careers and jobs, value is something that is regarded as importance or useful to them, for example you may like to take your vehicle to a certain mechanic because they clean your windows and vacuum out your car after they are done servicing it and who give you an honest opinion and help you when it comes to your vehicle, in other words you value your mechanics opinion and work. For most something like that might be valuable enough to drive a couple extra miles to visit that mechanic opposed to other closer mechanic shops.

You should always be looking for ways you can bring value to work with you and all that you do, for instance make yourself valuable in the workplace, if your boss asks you to perform a task, don’t merely just accomplish it, but exceed their expectations by giving it your personal touch, or if you have your own business how can your characteristics or core values manifest into your job that sets it apart from the competition? If you are thinking of starting your own business, what life experiences knowledge or talents can you bring to the table? For instance I have always been what they call a clean freak, so my first business that I started was a janitorial business to apply my talents and passion for cleaning show in my work.

Values helps the world know what you or your company stand for, you should learn and go out and get your hands dirty with all that life has to offer so that you can become more valuable to everyone around you. Not one person has ever had a 100% of the same experiences as you or have experienced life the same way as you have, there is something valuable in you that you have to offer the world! I hope you had found some value in this!

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